Shraise Power is pleased to offer cost effective, state of the art and instant energy solutions for corporate clients / domestic users by introducing Shraise Portable Generator Sets from China. This product is compact, cost effective,  easy to operate, easy to transport and move around also environment friendly. It is not only ideal for homes but for offices and shops alike.

These sets are of very high quality which is the hallmark of all Chinese products. They confirm to recommended standards and are the brand of choice for highly demanding in Chinese market.

These Generators not only operate on Gasoline but on Natural Gas as well using ordinary connection (with necessary approval from the concerned authorities by user/purchaser/owner). The operation on gas does not affect the dependability, reliability and life in a manner which may be termed as significant. On the other hand, the savings which ensue as a result of switching from gasoline to gas are enormous, and the cost of the equipment may be paid back many times over in its life time.

We have a special offer for corporate clients which is intended to give their employees a respite from the continuous torture at the hand of incessant and relentless power crisis.

We hope our offer is useful in enhancing the efficiency of your employees by ensuring peace of my mind while at work or resting at their homes. We look forward to your positive feedback and valuable investment towards the welfare of your employees.

Shraise Power are also having quality generators for our corporate clients, manufactured in its own plant established in Lahore, keeping the best assuring quality as per the recommended standards.


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