Solar DC Systems for Home & Office Use

Shraise power also considered our valuable clients for their daily need of electricity, which is decreasing day by day. To keep that in mind we have launched our Low Cost Solar solutions for Homes & Offices, so that our customers can full fill their daily need in a good & uninterrupted supply environment.
Our DC Solutions are most beneficial for those clients who do not have enough capital to invest on their electricity. But with the help of our system you can full fill your daily demands without any hassle of time.

Benefits of DC Solar Solution

  • Workable for 24-Hrs a day.
  • Does not require any extra Maintenance cost.
  • Eliminate the hassle of Generators.
  • Highly durable up to 25 Years.
  • Free from electricity bills.
  • Gives Relax & friendly environment with green effect.
  • Easy to install & Use.

Our Packages

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