Solar Hybrid Solution for Schools, Homes & Offices

Our Solar Hybrid Systems are of good quality & Cost effective Solar Solution for the customers who are trying to eliminate their electricity bill or generator Cost. Our hybrid systems are design with the full support of Battery Back-up which can sustain the way of utilizing the essential need of our valuable customers.
Our Solar Hybrid system are typically design for 12-Hrs of working a day. You can use these systems on the explanation given below.

The System will work for 12-Hrs a day, after the completion of 12-Hrs the system will convert itself to your existing grid supply to charge the Battery bank for 2 to 4-Hrs. After charging the system will be ready to work for another 12-Hrs. This means that you are connected with the Solar for 20-Hrs a day.

Benefits of Solar Hybrid System

  • Eliminate the hassle of Generators.
  • Reduce electricity bills up to 70%.
  • Life Span is 25 Years. (Except Battery life).
  • Gives Relax & friendly environment with green effect.
  • Efficiently workable with all house hold appliances.
  • Initial step towards the Solar Energy.

Our Packages

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