Residential Solar Solution

Shraise Power brings you Customized Solar solution for your homes not every home has the same needs or energy consumption & varies to great extent. Shraise Solar solutions give you the 100% guarantee that you can still use solar electricity when the sun isn’t shinning which is exactly when you needed plus you don’t need to worry about bills & anything. Shraise Power deals in 30KW, 20KW, 10KW & 3KW Solar Solution for our valued customers.

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Commercial Solar Solution

The efficient running of various units in the commercial sector is made possible by solar solutions. A major benefit that has raised their demand in the commercial sector is the huge decrease in the energy expenses and less reliance on the grid. Commercial solar solutions are the finest substitute for conventional energy in Pakistan since it is a wise decision. Shraise power helps you to choose the right decision for your commercial units starting from 50KW as per customer requirements & customization with the materials of the highest international standards.

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Industrial Solar Solution

Compared to other sectors, the industrial sector has a higher energy demand. The absence of power may have a detrimental effect on industrial productivity, posing serious difficulties for business owners. Therefore, Shraise Solar Solutions is available to assist you in turning on the solar solutions so that this won’t have an impact on your business. Solar generated from On-Grid systems can help you expand your company without any hassles.

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Agriculture Solar Solution

Pakistan’s economy is regarded as being primarily on the agriculture industry and is heavily reliant on it. Due to country’s energy deficiencies, load shedding hours are frequent & prolonged in rural areas. In such a situation it is difficult for farmers to operate tube wells which are crucial requirements for this industry. Shraise Solar Agriculture solutions: The trend of solar tube-wells was started in Pakistan. These tube-wells water crops and fields on schedule with no interruption caused by a power outage. After installing Shraise solar Agriculture solution, the electricity bills for their agricultural demand would gradually go away. For farmers the solar tube-wells offers an affordable, long-term solution that only requires a one-time investment Agri- Solar Solution: What Shraise can do for you?

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